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32 forms of Lord Ganesh

32 forms of Lord Ganesh

Two Shaktis of Lord Ganesh (Siddhi and Riddhi) are often depicted on images of His forms. These forms are recognized in the Agamic Scriptures (the Agamas). These texts represent a big body of scriptures written in Sanskrit and revered as words that we remembered from God –Smriti. Each Hindu denomination has its own and unique Agama texts. God’s forms may also represent a correlation with 32 paths and spheres of the Tree of Life. God as the Absolute Being is incomprehensible, so purpose of these forms is to bring the Absolute and ImmenseDivinity closer to our mind.

1: Baala Ganapati: Red-colored and four-armed Ganesh
2: Dharuna Vinayakar: Red-colored and eight-armed Ganesh
3: Bhakti Vinayakar: Grey-colored image of four-armed Ganesha
4: Veera Vinayakar: Red-colored and 16-armed Ganapati
5: Shakti Ganapati: Red-colored image of four-armed Ganapati
6: Dwija Vinayakar: White-colored image of four-faced Ganesha (with 4 arms)
7: Siddhi Vinayakar: Golden-colored and four-armed Ganesha
8: Ucchishta Ganapati: Blue-colored and six-armed Ganapati with His consort
9: Vigna Vinayakar: Gold-colored and eight-armed Ganapati
10: Kshipra Ganapati: Red-colored and four-armed Ganesha
11: Heramba Vinayakar: Black, ten-armed Ganesh with five faces, seated on a lion
12: Lakshmi Vinayakar: White and eight-armed Ganesha with two consorts
13: Makara Vinayakar: Ganesh in red, with a third eye and 10 arms
14: Vijaya Vinayakar: Red and four-armed Ganesh
15: Nritta Vinayakar: Gold Ganesh in a dancing posture
16: Urdhva Vinayakar: Gold-colored and six-armed Ganesha with His consort
17: Ekakshara Vinayakar: Red Ganesha with a third eye, seated on a lotus
18: Vara Vinayakar: Red and four-armed Vinayaka with a third eye
19: Dhryakshara Vinayaka: Gold-colored and four-armed Vinayakar
20: Kshipraprasaada Vinayakar: Red-colored image of six-armed Ganapati
21: Haridra Vinayakar: Yellow and four-armed Ganapati
22: Ekadhanta Vinayakar: Blue and four-armed Ganapati
23: Srishti Vinayakar: Red-colored image of four-armed Ganapati
24: Utthanda Vinayakar: Red-colored image of 10-armed Ganesh
25: Ranamochana Vinayaka: Crystal-colored and four-armed Vinayakar
26: Dundi Vinayakar: Four-armed image of Ganesha with a tusk, a garland and axe
27: Dwimukha Vinayakar: Red-colored Ganesh with two faces and four arms
28: Trimukha Vinayakar: Red-colored Ganesh with three faces and six arms
29: Simha Vinayakar: White Ganesh with eight arms (His arm has a lion’s face)
30: Yoga Vinayakar: Red-colored image of Ganesh in a yogi’s posture
31: Durga Vinayakar: Red-colored image of Ganesha with eight arms
32: Sankatahara Vinayakar: Red-colored image of four armed Ganesh in blue cloth

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