Saturday , July 13 2024

Short Inspirational Story – How Failure Succeeded

Inspirational Stories on LifeBefore this, I was a very negative person with all sorts of excuses I used in my life. But things have changed after I’d watched a movie about a person who is defected that has neither legs nor hands.

He has always liked those challenging career. Till one day, he made the decision to join a wrestling game and made it as his real career. Well, it sounds weird for a defected person to fight with a normal person, right? However, his strong spirit has helped him to overcome all the negativity in his surroundings. 

Finally, after 36 times of falling, bleeding and humiliating, he succeeded by winning the semi-final game. It was a quite, no, a very huge achievement for himself.

So, for us as a normal person with complete body, do we really want to quit after one or two failure? Just ask yourself and think about it.

Remember, never give up until you’ve lost 36 times!!

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