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Information about Christmas | Why Celebrate Christmas Day in India

This is Why We Celebrate Christmas on December 25 in India

Even though India is a Hindu majority country, all Indians irrespective of caste or creed celebrate Christmas in some way or the other.

Christians across the country mark the birth of Lord Jesus Christ on Christmas Day which falls on 25th December of every year.

During the time of Christmas, most of the houses will be well decorated with lights. Even if all the houses are not decorated with lights, there will at least be a star lit with light hung in the front or at the top of the house.

Decorated Christmas trees are also common in most of the households during Christmas, although they are not as popular as the western countries. Another most common icon of Christmas found in houses is the decorated cribs (mangers) representing the stable where Jesus Christ was born.

Christmas Celebrations in India

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Christmas is celebrated with great pomp, gaiety & devotion!

During the season of Christmas, relatives staying in different cities for work or studies rush back to their home to celebrate it with their near & dear ones.

  • Christian churches would be decorated with lights.
  • Carol singing will be organised from each family unit. There will be a midnight mass on Christmas Eve and when it becomes 25th December, special procession & prayers will be held.
  • ¬†Everyone will wish each other a merry Christmas. It is also common in many churches to organise competitions among family units in carol singing.
  • Crib decoration competitions are also held and the judgement usually takes place before Christmas. Prizes are given away after the midnight mass.
  • For relatives who are staying far away, Christmas cards are sent to let them know that we wish them well & that we miss their presence among us.

In preparation for Christmas, a period of fast is observed from 1st December till 24th December. During this period, people will sacrifice something which they love to do otherwise, mostly by avoiding some food items like meat, fish etc. Hectic shopping activity takes place as everyone buys new clothes for the festival.

On Christmas Eve, ladies will be busily preparing tasty Christmas treats & dishes. After attending the Christmas mass, all will come home & cut a traditional Christmas cake. The cake is usually a plum cake rich in taste consisting of nuts, raisins, almonds etc. Wine is also taken along with the cake. Then afterwards a delicious meal is savoured by all.

In short, Christmas is celebrated with great pomp, gaiety & devotion!

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