Friday , July 12 2024

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Happy New Year and Christmas Day Pictures, Quotes, Thoughts, Sayings Images

It’s Christmas and I just wanted to say Thanks You and that… It’s Been a Pleasure Working with you this past year Hope you and Your Family have a Wonderful Holidays and A happy new year!

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Harivansh Rai Bachchan Poems in Hindi, English Translation | Inspirational Poems, Kavita

??????? ????? ??? ??? ????, ??? ???, ??? ????, ?? ???? ???? ?? ???? ??! ???? ??! ???? ??! ???????! ???????! ???????! ?? ? ????? ???, ?? ? ????? ???, ?? ? ??????? ???, ?? ???! ?? ???! ?? ???! ???????! ???????! ???????!

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Politics Quotes from Great Leaders | Political Quotes, Thoughts, Messages

1. The problem with political jokes is they get elected.  ~Henry Cate, VII 2. He didn’t say that.  He was reading what was given to him in a speech.  ~Richard Darman, director of the Office of Management and Budget, explaining why President Bush wasn’t following up on his campaign pledge …

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Thoughts from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Quotes with Pictures, Golden Temple

Maa Baap Di Sewa He Sub To Utam Sewa Hai, Je Asi Ohna De Jionde Jee Ohna Di Sewa Nai Karde Ate Marn To Baadh Ohna Lai Langar Laondhe Haa Ta Guru Ji Farmade Han Ke Eh Sirf pakhand Hai Eh Sirf Dhokha Hai Jo Dunia Nu Dikha Rahe Ho…

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Sikh Religion Quotes | Sikhism Quotations, Guru Thoughts

Insaan Apne Dukha’n Da Ilzaam Chheti Rabb Sir Thop Denda Hai, Par Eh Gall Kadi Nahi Sochda Ke Main Rabb Da Keha Kinna Ku Man-da Haa’n..

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Bayazid Bastami Quotes | Famous Bayazid Bastami Thoughts, Messages

1. I never saw any lamp shining more brilliantly than the lamp of silence. ~ Bayazid Bastami 2. “By my life, my grasp is firmer than His” 3. “I saw the Kaaba walking round me” 4. “Glory be to me! How great is My majesty!”

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