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Lord Shiva’s Nandi Temple Picture from Chaurasi Temple, Bharmour

Lord Nandi bull Temple

The life size metal bull Nandi, locally known as Nandigan with the broken ear and tail can be seen standing in a modern shed in front of Manimahesh temple. Nandi is chief of Ganas and Shiva’s foremost attendant, who had shape of the bull anf qualities of noble devotee. Usually in front of Shiva temples the shilpa texts provide for a couchant bull paced outside and staring at his lord Shiva. But here we have a life size Nandi bull standing on all fours (legs). Visnudharmotra purana, however describes of such Nandi bull, as representing solidity and stability of dharma Lord Shiva’s Nandi Picture from Chaurasi Temple, Bharmour, Chaurasi Temple Photos, Bharmour, pictures, images, photogallery, photos, videos, video gallery, Chaurasi Temple Photos, Bharmour, photo gallery, Nandi  yatra pictures, mani darshan picture

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