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Itihasik and Thousands Year Old Shiv Mandir Pictures

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  1. Bhaag hoaa Gur Sant milaaya, Prabh Abinaasi ghar mean paaya’. The bgsgeit sant is Guru Nanak ji. who is the roop of Akaalpurakh (God Almighty) has found in our house (our sikh family). How bhaag (good fortune) has formed ? It is formed as gurbani says that Nanak simran poorea bhaag.’ So the simran is very much responsible to get birth in a sikh family and get many things with blessings. Gurbani says Eatea chanan hondiyan Gur bin Ghor Andhaar’. If we get everything in life but no relation with true Guru, it is all useless and we can never get the peaceful, joyful and blissful life. Not the present life but our future life will also spoiled. Some people says who has seen the life after death, khao, piyo aur eaish karo’. Khao, piyo aur jarur eaish karo but always thanks to God Almighty who has given many things to us. These words of thanks will send us to the world of love, joy and eternal peace. Yea thanks kis vakt karna, kaise karna aur kis ka karna hai, yeh sabh sachcha guru hee kisi ko sikha sakta hai. As gurbani says Satgur sikh kea bandhan kaate, satgur sikh kaa halat-palat sawarea, Gur kaa sikh wadbhaagee hea’. It is very difficult to get the complete Guru (poora Guru) these days other than Sri Guru Nanak ji. As no guru is pooran (complete) in these days as Guru Nanak . Poorea Gur ka suun updesh, paarbrambh nikat kar pekh.’ It is very much proud to be a sikh of Guru Nanak.Misfortune are those who are going back with sikh rituals (leaving Guru behind and doing many mischiefs) and becoming patit’ and still saying that they have great love for our great Guru. (The identity of sikh is mentioned in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib as Sabat surat dastar sira’ page no. 1084, line no. 9.) But think over to gurbani as Sant kaa dokhi dhrig jon kirmayea.’ Those who are doing mischiefs, they have no rescue after their accounts of good deeds and simran (which they have done in their previous births) will finish one day. It is sure that they will not get birth in a sikh family again. They are welcome in dhrig yonies’ for many many long years, but not after their death still in their lives they will never get peaceful life as mentioned in the sacred Sukhmani Sahib’, in the pauris of Sant kaa dokhi’. So, again a good opportunity has come for those who are doing mischief against sikh rituals and wants to repent themselves on the 300th anniversary of Gurgaddi Divas of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Khalsa (Guru Granth and Guru Panth).Kanwaljit Singh (

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