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108 Name of Lord Shiva

 108 Name of Lord Shiva 108 Names of Lord Shiva S No Lord Shiva Name Meaning 1 Aashutosh One who fulfills wishes instantly 2 Aja Unborn 3 Akshayaguna God with limitless attributes 4 Anagha Without any fault 5 Anantadrishti Of infinite vision 6 Augadh One who revels all the time …

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32 forms of Lord Ganesh

32 forms of Lord Ganesh Two Shaktis of Lord Ganesh (Siddhi and Riddhi) are often depicted on images of His forms. These forms are recognized in the Agamic Scriptures (the Agamas). These texts represent a big body of scriptures written in Sanskrit and revered as words that we remembered from God –Smriti. Each Hindu denomination has …

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108 Name of Lord Ganesh

The following are 108 names of the dearest Lord Ganesh 1. Akhurath One with mouse as His vehicle 2. Alampata The Eternal One 3. Amit The Absolute without comparison 4. Anantachidrupamayam The infinite One 5. Avaneesh Master of the whole Earth 6. Avighna One without obstacles 7. Balaganapati The dearest child 8. Bhalchandra One with the Moon Crest …

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108 Names of Maa Durga

Goddess Durga is the personification of the divine force of the super power. The Durga means ‘the invincible’, so the Durga is regarded as the ever victorious warrior of the Gods lineage. Durga is the representation of courage, strength, ethics and protection. She is the destroyer of sin and evil …

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