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Dharmeshvar Mahadev (Dharamraj) Temple at Chaurasia Temple, Bharmour

Dharmeshvar Mahadev (Dharamraj) Temple

Dharamraj, known as Dharmeshvar mahadev was given a seat on the northern corner of Chaurasi by Maru Varman. It is now enshrined in a temple made of stone and wood with pendent roof of slate covering. It is the belief of locals that soul of every true Shiva devotee travels through this temple after death seeking dwelling in Shiva loka. It is believed to be the court of Dharamraj and is locally called ‘dhai-podi’, which means two and half steps. These steps now may be located below the temple. It is also designated asdyodhi (portico) by gaddis. It is believed that every departed soul stands here to seek final permission of Dharamraj to proceed ahead.  There are many stories told by the old priests of these temples which are told to them by their forefathers. When a Raja of Chamba was seen standing in front of the temple of Dharmeshavar mahadev and performing paradakshana (ambulatory round) around Chaurasi and proceeding to Kailash on his horse back, this was taken to be indication of the king’s demise in his palace at Chamba town.