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Guru Hargobind Ji Picture

The Mughal Emperor Jahangir who was formerly described Guru Ghar as ‘The False Shop’ not only gave up his own dogmatism but also arrested Chandu.Jahangir is being seen handing over Chandu to Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji.In mini pating Chandu is being punished for his sin. Picture Reference By Banmeet 

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Guru Hargobind Ji Pictures

Guru Hargobind Ji The fifth Guru,Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji before leaving for Lahor stated in clear cut words :I will have to sacrifice my life for the sake of truth.Guru Ji added that Sri Hargobind Ji would be seated on the throne after him and curelty will have to …

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Guru Nanak Dev Ji Picture

While Guru Nanak Dev Ji was on his travel of north,he bestowed the Sumer Mountain with the touch of his celestial feet.Bhai Mardana Ji accompanied him.With the Gurus arrival at the mountain,illusion held by the Sidas was wiped off that no one except them could reach there.The second illusion held …

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